Fluid Fintec provides AI backed payment solutions which can be easily integrated into any banking software or payment platform

Fluid Fintec offers Financial institutions, merchants and consumers fast access to a fully integrated, lower risk, payments platform.

Certainty of the underlying transaction and the payment outcome for our partners is a game-changing proposition, giving increased levels of visibility and control.

A Fully scalable, legacy-free, API-based infrastructure
Customer on-boarding with built in KYC/AML filters enables deposit of funds from multiple screened sources.
Integrated with current accounts for banks and Payment Gateways for payment service providers.
Data from multiple sources accessed and distilled in real time providing the user with the optimum choice for transfer of value.


In a market predicted to be worth $2 Trillion by 2025, banking customers are going elsewhere to get better deals and service for cross border payments.

  • It is estimated that banks will loose approximately $250 Billion if they do not provide the services provided by the new breed of payment companies.
  • The main driver for this are the fees charged by many of the current pillar banks which can be as high as 11%.
  • Internal systems and correspondence banking arrangements are often sub optimal with traceability of funds a real issue
  • Delays and errors are often caused by system malfunctions and can be compounded by AML and KYC false positives.
Cost and Lead Time:

With cross border transfer specialist such as Currency Fair and Transferwise banking customers can save as much as $300 on a $5,000 transfer.

Challengers not perfect

Often customers are drawn to the savings that can be made switching to a challenger bank or payment provider. These decisions can cost dearly as their systems do not have the intelligence to do proper AML/KYC checks resulting in funds being held up or frozen unnecessarily.

Fear and Risk

The fear associated with changing existing systems in the banking and payments world can leave organisations paralysed as they contemplate the effects of an outage due to a change to their systems.


Fluid Fintec’s payments optimiser provides an alternative to existing payment systems which runs alongside existing banking and payment systems greatly reducing risk.

Easy Access
Our API means your customers can access the Fluid Payment Optimiser no matter where they are or what device they are using.
Secure Systems
Extremely secure using unique private keys to sign transactions. Byzantine Fault Tolerant DLT option available in combination with biometrics. The system is PCI-DSS compliant with FCA requirements and is Penetration tested by the responsible for OWASP 10 security standards.
Transaction Speed
Because you are providing a system which compares the speediest providers of payments payments can be made in seconds and settled straight away.
Customer Requirements Engine
Change your payment options based on your customers preferences. The FPO algorithm does the rest.
Learning and communication is at the heart of everything we . If a payment has had favourable reviews then this is communicated to your customers for use in the future.Every payment made gets a review from both sender and receiver and machine learning takes this into account when selecting these channels.
Low Cost
Whether you are using your own system or a third party payment providers you can optimise your payment routing to maximise your return. Transactions on Stellar cost near zero. A single operation on the network can cost as little as €0.000001
SEPA, ACH, BACS & Cross Border
We are not limited by borders. We support cross border payments to anywhere in the world.
Reduce Paperwork
Legacy systems often involve a huge amount of paperwork. With Fluid everything is maintained on a secure cloud based system with full reporting. This helps to reduce excessive paperwork, meaning your organisation can run more efficiently. The system also reduced the likelihood of mistakes being made caused by human error.
Potential to Scale
If you are a forward thinking Financial Institution you can use the FPO to provide a best in class merchant services system for e-commerce merchants thus scaling your business.

who will benefit?

Financial Institutions


Any financial institution that is looking to;

  1. Improve their payment flows.
  2. Stop customers from ‘jumping ship’ when they have a make a cross border payment, and keep them in your ecosystem and improve loyalty.
  3. Reduce reliance on a single payment channel.
  4. Get transparency on payments from authorisation right through to settlement.
  5. Reduce risk by retaining existing systems and compliment existing with a new payment capability.

e-Commerce Providers

phone pay

Any company that is involved in the provision of payment technology for retail and on-line commerce that wishes to :

  1. Simplify the integration of the many payment options into their online and point of sale interfaces.
  2. Reduce the costs they and customers have to pay to Payment Service Providers (PSP’s)
  3. Improve cashflow through reduction in rolling reserves and chargebacks.
  4. Ensure the best possible cost per transaction and percentages are obtained from the PSP.
  5. Be more attractive to customers with clear transparent charges always optimised no matter what currency is being transacted.


McKinsey Global Payments

There continues to be some major opportunities in the payments market. McKinsey state that the market could be worth almost $3 Trillion in under 2 years. This will no doubt be accelerated with Covid 19 and the reduction in cash transaction.

Consider a world whereby you can eliminate the competitor noise and just choose one winner?

Think, no matter who is selected to carry out the transaction you will you get an affiliate fee.

Talk to us today about these opportunities.