Our algorithm chooses the best payment providers based on your most important parameters


“Fluid Fintec is on a mission to deliver the smoothest and most efficient transfer of value for Financial Institutions and companies requiring a best in class payment solution. ”

Contextually Aware

No matter where you customers are on the planet or what they are paying for the Fluid Payments Optimiser will automatically select the best based on trust, reliability, time and cost. This payments optimiser feeds directly into their banking application.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate our payments platform into your core banking solution. Our single API provides a multitude of different payment options chosen as a result of customer requirements. Smart routing ensures your ruleset for your customers is adhered to.

Payments Know How

You can avail of years of expertise coming from our banking and payments experts. So whether it is providing international payments for your banking customers or giving your e-commerce customers the best payment options based on currencies and payment service providers we can help.


Transparency, Efficiency, Traceability and Cost Saving

The video opposite demonstrates the typical user journey when transferring funds overseas. Fluid provides a solution that will keep the customer with the financial institution no matter what sums are being transferred and where they are going. Our philosophy of continuous improvement and optimum levels of customer service is backed up by technology with intelligence.

We realise that there is no sense in duplication of effort and reinventing the wheel. This is why we take the very best payment service providers in the industry and distill them into an offering that takes away confusion and uncertainty.

The result is a customer focused, clear and transparent system for you and your customers.

Omni-channel access for your customers.

Our software is available on phones, tablets and desktops. Anywhere, anytime.

Unique Customer Proposition
Our platform is unique as it is the only platform where payment service providers actually compete for your business. It is like an auction in reverse, a Trivago for payments if you will. With system optimisation and the customer at the centre of every decision you can be sure that loyalty is maintained. There will no need for them to look elsewhere for a better deal as you will be proving it. This is turn provides great convenience for them and guaranteed income for you even if you are using another provider. The system provides you with a referral fee for every payment.
Certainty of the underlying transaction and the payment outcome for our partners is a game-changing proposition, giving increased levels of satisfaction all round.
Secure distribution
When you combine security with trust and a speedy cost effective service you are usually onto a real winner. This is exactly what Fluid achieves with its’ payments optimiser. It will never choose any payment channels do not tick the security box. How is this done? Using state of the art software tools to design and implement systems it ensures that payments never go through partner channels that do not conform to OWASP 10 Security Standards.
Scalable Platform with Durable Competitive Advantage
Fully scalable, legacy-free, cloud-based infrastructure.
If you don’t already have it we provide easy customer on-boarding with built in KYC/AML filters enables deposit of funds from multiple screened sources. Our KYC solution provides information from 80 different data points so risk of fraud is greatly reduced.
Because we are using Payment Services provided by other third party providers we can always be guaranteed that there is service available for your customers.
Data from multiple sources can be instantly digitized into a single, fully- accessible customer image providing a more informed and granular risk management solution via our platform.
Market Feedback
Customer ratings determine the satisfaction associated with the payment experience. Once a payment is complete the feedback is gathered and the any suggestions for improvement are incorporated into the learning engine using sophisticated algorithms. As the system is always learning it is always improving.
Cross Border - No Problem!
Fluid Filtec’s unique platform will unlock under-served and complex areas of the global market.
Core bank banking platforms rarely provide customers with integrated multi- option payment solutions.
When it comes to making payment to loved ones at home or a business in another far flung part of the world it can be a real issue arriving at the best solution. If your institution does not provide this then they usually go elsewhere and your opportunity is lost.
With Fluid Fintec customers can access the best channels directly from their banking or payments application.
Connected services can include the current ‘heavy hitters’ such as Transferwise, Currency Fair, Payoneer, Western Union etc. Algorithms will always choose the best for you and your customers.
Partner Benefits
No need to be concerned with planning optimum routing channels for payment as we do this for you.
Because you are always providing the best for your customers they have no need to look elsewhere for a payment solution.
You can attract more customers with a truly worldwide offering encouraging any non-nationals open accounts with you.
Material reduction in risk and administration costs that arise from foreign payments.
A real opportunity for 3RD and 4TH tier financial institutions to get into lucrative $690 billion remittances market and POS market expected to be worth $116 billion by 2025.