The Fluid Fintec Team

Here at Fluid Fintec we are about quality. Our team of experts produce the highest quality Fintec applications, websites and web services for individuals, companies and any institutions who require a Fintec system.

Fluid Fintec is a spin off from GIRT Mobile, a company with a long and successful history of web and mobile application development. GIRT Mobile was established in the summer of 2009 as an Irish/US alliance between Aonghus O’hEocha in Galway, Ireland and Kenneth Roy in West Virginia, USA. Our first product Grab Radio app for iPhone was conceived in 2007 and launched before the end of 2009. In no time at all we began to win accolades from a variety of different sources.

Having started working in the Credit Union space in 2012, 26 Credit Unions in the UK and Ireland have used GIRT online and mobile banking applications. The commercial and development teams are now focused on providing payment solutions to merchants and financial organisations around the world.

At the beginning of 2021 World on Wireless merged with Fluid Fintec bringing 40 plus years experience and expertise in payments and telecoms with John Mittens and Maner Puyawan joining the Fluid team. Since then payment processing in the USA, The Bahamas, and the Middle East have been added to the portfolio.

Meet the people who make it possible

Aonghus O’hEocha
CEO ex. powertrain designer & senior manager Land Rover, BMW Mini & Range Rover projects. Product research budget of €1 m pa. 15 years CEO CE company with world's first hi-definition Wi-Fi wireless speaker system appearing in Men In Black 2, 11 years CEO as for GIRT producing mobile and web applications with over 1,100,000 applications downloaded. Built online and mobile banking applications for 26 credit unions in the UK& Ireland , first DLT Based core banking and payment system. Strong suit: Financial applications Responsible for strategic affairs, project management, sales and finance.
John Mittens
Chief Operations Officer
John Mittens has extensive experience in least-cost routing networks, advanced payment systems and billing. His forward vision has enabled him to create successful businesses and leading brands on an international basis. This includes being Chairman of the Electronic Messaging Council for Cable & Wireless worldwide, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Interoute, and a founding shareholder of Boost mobile. His Philippines based technology operations have also provided advanced payment services in North America, including the leading Caribbean mobile payment systems: SunCash and SugaPay.
Klaus Sorensen
Chief Operating Officer
More than 20 years of business development and investment experience. A true practitioner, helping entrepreneurs achieving global ambitions. Klaus has extensive experience in trading and financial product delivery and performance optimisation. He is well connected with a host of different contacts in e-commerce and commodity trading.
Darren 'Daniel' Ong
Chief Sales Director
An award winning and highly results-driven regional enterprise and commercial sales expert with 17 years experience in Marketing. Darren has worked for leading Blue Chip companies such as IBM and Kony.
Alex Marmaldo
Lead Software Developer
Alex has over 11 years experience working as a full stack developer. He has worked on projects for Apple and is proficient in Machine Learning with experience in Python and Django.
Sanket Utekar
Data Analytics and Software Development
Sanket has been a part of core team in various startups throughout his career. He has been working on various technology stacks and cloud infrastructure.

Sanket has been a key decision maker in the delivery of various products and services provided by a range of different startups. He has an excellent grasp of good customer centric coding.

Susan Kealy
Talent Management
Expertise in market research, customer engagement, and talent management. Susan has used her personal experiences and skillsets to help people experiencing unemployment and redeployment . Susan is a coach and a trainer, and has the ability to assess and select great talent.
Chief Financial Officer
We are looking for an experienced CFO with a good track record for raising and managing finance. Send your CV to

Sanket has been a key decision maker in the delivery of various products and services provided by a range of different startups. He has an excellent grasp of good customer centric coding.