Hi and Welcome to the COVID 19 Payments Response and Sustainability page. We are all about making a difference for the good in this most difficult time. The first priority is to get payments to people who are struggling to survive and have not received a payment from their employer or the Government. Thereafter we’re all about sustainability and the platform we are creating will allow people and individuals to get sponsorship for retraining so they are better able to cope financially when a primary income stream is affected.

What is the C19 PRU?

A sustainability and support platform that connects those who wish to help others with people, communities and business in need.

The platform will consist of the following elements:

  1. Registration for sponsors and those wishing to be sponsored.
  2. Know Your Customer screening to prevent fraud.
  3. Dashboard for sponsors to be able to view and select individuals, companies and communities they wish to support.
  4. Payment page where the sponsor can make a one off payment or regular payments.
  5. Dashboard for the sponsored whereby they identify what support they need and how they plan to spend the funds. Milestones will be identified so if for example they identify an on-line course they may put a qualification at the end as a milestone.
  6. All monies go directly to those who need it with the only middleman being an algorithm that helps with matching.
  7. The very best technology will be used for accountability and traceability. This will include Blockchain and AI.
  8. The platform will also use the Budding career profiling tool which will help determine peoples suitability for certain career changes.
  9. Suitable courses such as Fit Apprenticeships will also be communicated for those wishing to get an IT qualification.
  10. The focus is on reskilling and retraining for those who need to Pivot.
  11. For companies we will we entertaining a range of different options to support them including the ability for sponsors to become investors.

Why Did it Come About?

In these unprecedented times we are doing our best to cope with a very difficult situation. While it is great to see various government and industry initiatives taking shape we identified a need to adopt a different approach whereby individuals and organisations can actually contribute in way that sees entities adapt and progress financially by learning new skills and generating new forms of income.

Who is Involved?

A group of like minded volunteers who see things differently. The team consists of technical leads, software developers, fintech experts, marketers and anyone passionate about making a difference.

Where will it operate?

Starting in Ireland and hopefully extending to other countries before long.

When will it be available?

We want to get the platform live as soon as possible. This will depend on the number of volunteers we can get to help.

How Can I help?

The C19 PRU team is building fast and we are currently using a mixture of volunteers and developers who have lost work as a result of this crisis.

We have a set a goal of raising €10,000 to help these developers so now is you chance to contribute to this project and see the platform developing in front of your very eyes.

Please give geneously.


You can also join our Linked In group here.